Saturday, June 2, 2012

Virginia Senate Race 2012 - #3937 - George Allen Addresses the Federation for American Coal, Energy and Security (FACES) of Coal Rally

On Saturday, George Allen greeted families and spoke at the FACES of Coal rally in Abingdon, VA, hosted by the Federation for American Coal, Energy and Security (FACES). George Allen used the opportunity to call on Washington to end its war on coal and to promote affordable, sustainable energy solutions utilizing coal as America’s most plentiful resource. Below are key excerpts from George Allen’s speech: “It’s an invigorating pleasure to be among so many great patriots and fellow friends of coal. … “Coal is vitally important for jobs and small businesses in Southwest Virginia and beyond. The benefits of coal reach to jobs in our vibrant Virginia ports, for our railroads and manufacturing, and in our communities and homes. … “Coal and energy are a significant part of the pro-jobs growth agenda I’m promoting in my campaign for U.S. Senate. If we want our economy to be growing and competitive for jobs and investment, we need be unleashing American energy resources from our coalfields to our coast. … “The Obama Administration, Tim Kaine and their allies in Washington support the Cap-and-Trade energy tax scheme that will cost jobs and result in skyrocketing electricity costs that regressively hurt lower and middle-income and working families. And now the EPA is advancing costly regulations which outlaw our plentiful coal as a source of affordable, reliable electricity for our homes and businesses. … “The EPA as an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy should not have the power to bypass the will of the people and impose regulations that would debilitate our economy, resulting in terrible job losses in Southwest Virginia communities and all businesses related to coal. …On the June 12 primary, let’s send a message to President Obama and Tim Kaine that we want to control our own energy destiny! And if I am elected to the Senate, Virginians can count on me to continue to be a strong voice and vote to stop the EPA’s job-destroying edicts. “Let’s creatively and cleanly use our American coal for jobs, more affordable electricity, national security and for keeping our money here in the United States.”

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