Friday, June 8, 2012

Religious Freedom Rally - #3953 - Religious Freedom Group Fronts $600 for 1-hr. Charlottesville Protest, Occupy Charlottesville Pays $0. for 45 Days - Schilling Show Blog

Rally for Religious Freedom - Nationwide Rally Friday, June 8, Noon to 1 p.m. Jackson Park, Jefferson Street and 4th Street N.E. 'Defeat the HHS Mandate'
A one-hour “religious freedom” protest rally scheduled for Friday, June 8 in Charlottesville’s Jackson Park will cost the organizers $357.32 in city fees and required insurance coverage, The Schilling Show has learned. A city-mandated mandated $250.00 “deposit” will bring the upfront expense of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Stand Up For Religious Freedom (SURF) event to $607.32. In contrast, last fall’s Occupy Charlottesville (OC) law-bending takeover of Lee Park—which lasted for 45 days, presented far greater liability exposure to the city, and was a major public safety and health threat to participants and citizens alike— cost that group nothing. All fees were waived in the name of “First Amendment Rights,” according to City Manager Maurice Jones, who in collusion with OC leaders and Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Director, Brian Daly, worked to make Occupy Charlottesville’s “free speech” demonstration, truly free to the protestors; although, Charlottesville citizens and taxpayers paid dearly for the incessant occupation. Despite the dangerous and ultimately violent nature of their long-term seizure of Lee Park, OC was not required to purchase the standard $1,000,000 indemnity insurance which was demanded of SURF, and which would have protected Charlottesville taxpayers from liability for Occupier’s misdeeds. Adding insult to injury, in spite of a written promise to “clean” the park upon their departure, OC left behind a filthy hodgepodge of fetid refuse, which—because City Manager Jones waived Occupy’s “deposit” requirement—taxpayers remediated in toto. When conducting “First Amendment” protests in Charlottesville, the message is loud and clear: if your cause is progressive, you can count on preferential treatment; if your cause is conservative, you will strictly be held to the letter of the law.  Read more.........

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