Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gas Energy Production - #4011 - More Fracking Rules are Definitely Happening by 2013 - Hot Air

As if we didn’t already have ample enough reasons to not reelect Barack Obama this November, here’s yet another dagger to our nation’s economic energy outlook: Try as they might to insist that an “all of the above” strategy is their primary energy agenda, the Obama administration has consistently gotten in the way of affordable, traditional energy with unnecessarily crippling regulations. Despite its moneymaking and fewer-carbon-emissions potential, natural gas just can’t catch a break, either. The environmental lobby hates the very idea of “fracking,” the practice often used to extract natural gas from the ground, and Team Obama needs the environmental lobby for their reelection bid. Ergo: Heather Zichal, the top White House energy aide, told reporters that she expects the Interior Department rules regulating hydraulic fracturing, dubbed fracking, to be completed by year’s end. We are committed to doing the rule and we are committed to finalizing it,” Zichal told reporters after remarks at the think tank NDN. Advocates of tougher “fracking” oversight will have their eyes on the calendar, especially if President Obama loses the White House to Mitt Romney, his GOP rival. Read more.......

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