Saturday, June 23, 2012

Estate Tax - #3997 - VIDEO: Pat Boone - Obama's Plan to Raise Estate Tax to 55% is 'Robbery' - Newsmax

President Barack Obama's promise to raise the estate tax by 5 percent to 55 percent should he be re-elected in November is “not just wrong, it’s criminal,” legendary singer Pat Boone told Newsmax.TV. "People that have worked hard, people who have saved, paid their taxes, set something away and now want to leave it to their family — if they have the bad judgment to die, the government will step over and say: ‘Thank you. We will take 55 percent of that,’ Boone told Newsmax in an exclusive interview on Friday. "And if you have to sell your business, have to sell your house, have to borrow the money, you have to pay the government 55 percent of whatever was left — I think that’s just robbery. It’s not just wrong, it's criminal. It ought to be abolished, and it must be abolished." Boone is a spokesman for the 60 Plus Association, the nation’s leading conservative seniors organization. It was founded 19 years ago as a counterpart to AARP and now has 7 million members. The group's chairman is Jim Martin. On Friday, the association launched its “60 Plus Healthcare Freedom Bus Tour,” in Florida with Boone and Martin speaking about issues critical to this year’s election. The tour stops in Virginia and Ohio in the coming weeks.   Read more and to see video interview ......

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