Thursday, June 21, 2012

EPA & MACT Rule - #3990 - Coal Plants: U.S. Senate Throws Common Sense Out the Window on the EPA Rule that Impacts Energy Prices - Americans for Prosperity (2) VIDEO: Frog Fight: Louisiana Landowner Disputes Frog Habitat on His Land - 6,500 acres Will be Confiscated - Fox (3) White House Retreats on Endangered Species Protection for Lizard - Washington Times

Note: Virginia Senators Webb and Warner voted with Republicans to overturn this Rule.
VOTE TO OVERTURN COSTLY UTILITY MACT RULE FAILS BY FIVE VOTES - Americans for Prosperity -  Today the U.S. Senate rejected S.J.Res.37, a resolution put forward by Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s Utility MACT rule, on a 46-53 vote. This controversial regulation promises to shut down coal-fired power plants across the country, raise electricity bills by an average of 12% nationwide, and destroy well over a million jobs in the coming years. Americans for Prosperity recently posted a state-by-state breakdown of the rule’s astronomical economic costs, showing that coal country will be hit especially hard. The EPA claims the rule is necessary to protect public health and the environment, but an honest look at their own analysis shows that the direct benefits of reducing mercury are virtually zero. Cutting through all the double-counting of benefits and other gimmicks the EPA used to skew its data, the costs of imposing this rule outweigh its benefits by about 1,800 to 1. Today the U.S. Senate had an opportunity to stand up and say ‘Enough is Enough’ to out-of-control EPA bureaucrats, and stop them from regulating our economy to tears,” said Adam Berkland, federal affairs manager for AFP. “But apparently 53 Senators no longer believe that our regulations should have to pass a basic common sense test.Five Democrats (Senators Landrieu, Manchin, Nelson, Warner, and Webb) joined 41 Republicans in standing up to the EPA and voting to overturn this rule. On the other hand, five Republicans (Senators Ayotte, Alexander, Brown (MA), Collins, and Snowe) played a part in tanking this important effort, casting the five “NO” votes that ultimately killed the resolution.  Read more......

Frog Fight: Louisiana Landowner disputes a frog habitat on his land - Fox - AW: This story is unbelievable, 6,500 acres of this man's land is to be taken to set up the habitat for this Dusky Gopher Frog which has not been seen in the state since 1967, has now only been seen in a pond in Mississippi.  He would not be allowed to develop this land, and would have to burn it annually.  Under the Federal Endangered Species Act, the land has to be occupied by animal to be preserved.

White House Retreats on Endangered Species Protection for Lizard - Washington Times - The Obama administration backtracked Wednesday and announced it will not declare the dunes sagebrush lizard an endangered species, saying voluntary efforts by New Mexico and Texas have headed off the need for the federal government to step in. The move breaks new ground in the decades-old Endangered Species Act by relying on conservation agreements between those two states and oil and gas companies, which have promised to take steps to preserve the lizard’s habitat. Without those agreements, the federal government said it would have been forced to invoke the act.Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar said the voluntary conservation agreements will end up protecting nearly 90 percent of the lizard’s habitat, which he noted is the fundamental goal of the federal endangered species law.  Read more........

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