Saturday, June 23, 2012

Barack Obama - #3996 - Dr. Milton R. Wolf - After Obamacare - Washington Times

Obamacare will die at least one of three deaths: judicial, political or economic. If the Supreme Court allows this abomination to stand, voters can still deliver its death blow at the polls in November. Ideally, Obamacare will, in fact, die both of these deaths because if it survives now, it will die an economic death and take America down with it. So let’s prepare now for the post-Obamacare America. As I travel the nation, I ask audiences two questions and always receive astonishingly similar responses to both. First question: Does America have a serious health insurance problem? Almost everyone’s hands rise; some emphatically, some applaud, some shout. Second question: Does America have a serious auto insurance problem? So far, I’ve not seen a single hand rise. Crickets chirping. But why? Why has auto insurance maintained competitive prices, portability and amazing customer service while health insurance has not? Why aren’t people clamoring for laws that force companies to keep their 26-year-old “kids” on their policies? Are we to believe the health insurance providers are greedy scoundrels, as Democrats claim, but auto insurance providers are altruistic angels? That’s ludicrous, particularly when many companies provide both.  Read more.......  Steve Peters Commentary: The Founding Fathers created a revolution by telling King George III that he did not have supreme authority, and that individuals had God given rights he could not take away from them by imperial decrees. Lady Liberty is shedding their tears as they look across America at the erosion of individual freedoms being washed away by the tsunami of government regulations, executive decrees, and unconstitutional laws like ObamaCare emanating from the epicenter of Washington D.C. The Obama Imperial Presidency has been orchestrating this assault on our inalienable rights embedded in our founding documents by just ignoring our laws. He has been assisted by a do nothing obstructionist Democrat Senate, an army of federal bureaucrats lead by Czars, and a House of Representatives that refuse of cut off the purse strings funding this assault. All citizens that believe in smaller Government and greater individual freedom will be holding their breath for Monday's SCOTUS's 5-4 decision. If ObamaCare is fully struck down on Monday, liberty and freedom will still have a fighting chance in America. If it is only wounded, then it will require the voters final death blow at the ballot box in November.

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