Saturday, May 26, 2012

Virginia Senate Race 2012 - #3921 - U.S. Senate Primary: On June 13 Will We all Still Be Friends? - Bearing Drift (2) GOP Senate Candidates Focus Debate Attacks on Kaine - Washington Examiner (3) White House Contest Looms Over Virginia Senate Race - Reuters

Politics is an ugly business. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But the U.S. Senate primary in Virginia has taken on a far darker turn that it ever should have. From the beginning Jamie Radtke’s strategy has been to run as the anti-George Allen. We’ve told her repeatedly that we didn’t think that strategy would work, that she should build the case for why she should be senator rather than why George Allen should not. She didn’t listen, and in the latest poll from Public Policy Polling she trails Allen by some 63%. In fact, combined Radtke, Marshall and Jackson don’t reach 15%. Still not convinced that this is a failing strategy, this week Radtke doubled down with a $10,000 media buy once again attacking George Allen as the reason Obamacare passed. Never mind that on the night George Allen lost in 2006, he was one of six Republican senators to go down in defeat, including Rick Santorum who lost Pennsylvania by nearly 18 points. And in 2008, seven more GOP senate seats were lost. One of those was also in Virginia where Jim Gilmore (not to mention Bob Marshall who lost to Gilmore) lost to Mark Warner. Still Radtke says that Obamacare is singly George Allen’s fault. That’s stretching it just a bit. Don’t you think?he poll says, “Allen’s overall favorability with primary voters is 65/17, so there really just isn’t much desire there for an alternative to him.” Yet even with this information, Radtke has not changed her strategy. Tom at Virginia Right! compiled video excerpts from the Virginia Beach debate. He noted that Jamie Radtke spent nearly a fourth of her time attacking George Allen. Her attacks were often met by groans from the audience.......  Read more.......  Article Contributed by Steve Peters.

GOP Senate Candidates Focus Latest Debate Attacks on Kaine - Washington Examiner -  It was the man who was not on the stage, the man they each hope to face in November, on whom the four Republican Senate candidates focused Friday night in their final debate before the June 12 primary. Democrat Tim Kaine was the target of the Republicans vying for the chance to face him, candidates who in a pair of previous debates focused all of that venom on the Republican frontrunner they have to beat before they get to Kaine, George Allen. “I thought the next question was going to Tim Kaine,” joked Chesapeake pastor E.W. Jackson, one of Allen’s opponents, after a particularly elongated rant about the former Democratic governor. The 70-minute debate in front of about 500 Northern Virginia conservatives was the last of three for the Republican Senate field.  Read more.......  Article Contributed by Steve Peters.

White house Contest Looms Over Virginia Senate Race - Reuters - Virginia's Tim Kaine was one of the first state governors to endorse Barack Obama for president in 2008, he worked with Obama as head of the Democratic National Committee, and he is still one of the president's leading supporters. So, which fellow Democrat has been co-starring with Kaine in his U.S. Senate race? Not the president, but former Virginia Governor Mark Warner. The fight for Virginia's open Senate seat should be one of the tightest of the 33 up for grabs in the November 6 election. Most polls predict a dead heat between Kaine and George Allen, a former Republican governor who once held the seat.  Read more...........  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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