Monday, May 14, 2012

Virginia Senate Race 2012 - #3883 - U.S. Senate Debate - Who Blew It? - Bearing Drift

Granted, these debates are only as important as they are used in paid and unpaid media, and since the liberal media will highlight Republicans being negative about Republicans, the press is guaranteed to lead stories with Jaime Radtke’s numerous attacks at George Allen. Her goal is to make it seem like a two-person race. Reading the writeups in various newspapers, she accomplished that. Her performance was amateurish to the live crowd. Candidates can not yell into microphones the way she did. It never sounds good, and you appear out of control. Watch how E. W. Jackson raises his voice and directs it just off-mike so to make sure the microphone works with him and not against him. Experience! Jaime made just about every answer about George Allen. She has to. She has no other choice. For her, Washington DC is the enemy, and so are the Democrats and Republicans who are there or, in Allen’s case, who spent a term there. Bottom Line – Radtke lost the crowd, and it was obvious, and the viewers, to whom she came off shrill and answerless, but to the press, she was the focus point, and if that was the goal, then she scored. George Allen is 100% focused on November. When questioners threw right-wing red meat, he gave cogent answers, but nothing that would excite the world. No talk of Fair Tax like Radtke or Flat Tax like Marshall. But when the questions were about Medicare or Education, Allen hit them out of the park with detailed, positive, articulate and knowledgeable answers. The other candidates had so little substance on these issues, they couldn’t fill two minutes without changing the subject.  Read more..........

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