Monday, May 7, 2012

Virginia Senate Race 2012 - #3865 - Kaine Happy to Stand with Obama at Virginia Kickoff - Real Clear Politics (2) VIDEO: "Forward" Means Continually Going Backward - Hot Air

Some Democratic congressional candidates in battleground states might go into hiding when President Obama comes to town, but not Virginia Senate hopeful Tim Kaine. He's happy to walk alongside the man on whose coattails his candidacy might depend. In fact, Kaine jogged to the podium at a rally Saturday at Virginia Commonwealth University to "officially" kick off Obama's re-election campaign, and told the receptive crowd, “I am a proud friend and supporter of this president.”The former Virginia governor echoed the re-election campaign's new theme. “We’re at a crossroads again,” he said after reminding the audience of the political climate of 2008.Do we go forward or do we go backward?” "President Obama knows we need to out-build, out-educate, out-innovate. That's the way to go forward." Even if he wanted to, it would be difficult for Kaine to separate himself from the president: He was an early supporter of the then-Illinois senator's candidacy four years ago (he often notes that he was the first governor outside of Obama's home state to endorse him), he co-chaired Obama's national campaign and then most recently chaired the Democratic National Committee.  Read more.........  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

"Forward" Means Continually Going Backward - Hot Air - Looks like Barack Obama’s new campaign slogan will be incredibly popular … with his opponents. American Crossroads launched a new ad yesterday titled “Backward,”explaining that economic progress has moved in that direction rather than forward for the last three years. More people end up on food stamps, more people drop out of the work force, and the only thing moving forward is … well, watch the clip:  Read more..........

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