Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UN Small Arms Treaty - #3873 - VIDEO: Dick Morris: Obama's Secret Gun Control Plan

First in a series of five treaties Dick Morris exposes in his new book 'Screwed.' Dick Morris: Obama's Secret Gun Control Plan - Obama is planning to control and ban guns in the United States and do this without Congress passing a bill. This Treaty is a backdoor move to ban guns in the United States. Hillary Clinton is in the process of negotiating terms of this small arms treaty, under the guise of restricting citizens of exporting pistols, handguns, etc. to other countries. To do that, each country would be obliged to set up a system of registration, controls and inventory controls to make sure that no citizen sells gun overseas. It is an effort to force gun registration and eventually ban and restrict guns without an Act of Congress, but by Treaty. When this Treaty is signed and made binding in the U.S., it acquires the force of a Constitutional Amendment under the Supremacy Clause that every Congress and State legislature has to honor this Treaty, unless a Constitutional Amendment is passed to undo this Treaty or the other signatories of the Treaty let the U.S. out. The Senate would have to ratify this Treaty, but this could be accomplished in a Lame Duck Senate after the election as we have witnessed before. The House of Representatives would not have a vote on this Treaty. Please call your Senators regarding this Treaty. In Virginia, Mark Warner-202-224-2023, Jim Webb-202-224-4024. Although the House will not have a vote, a call to your House Rep. would also be important. Virginia 5th District, Robert Hurt, 202-225-4711. U.S. Senate Directory........, House of Representatives Directory......

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