Friday, May 11, 2012

Rights of the Child Treaty - #3879 - VIDEO: Dick Morris - Obama Will Make Welfare and Foreign Aid Mandatory

Dick Morris - the Rights of the Child Treaty - Obama Will Make Welfare and Foreign Aid Mandatory - Obama wants to create a legal entitlement to foreign aid from the U.S. so other countries can sue us for saying that our foreign aid is inadequate,and he wants to create a legal basis for claiming additional welfare benefits. There is the Rights of the Child Treaty that was being negotiated under Bush and Clinton, and we stopped it, we refused to be involved in it, most other nations have signed it. Hillary just restarted the negotiations in January on the Rights of the Child Treaty, some is against prostitution, human trafficking, child soldiers, good stuff, but those protections are in other treaties as well. It provides that every country shall provide its children with medical care, housing, food, clothing, and education and rich countries shall assist poor countries in covering their populations. What this does is create a legal entitlement enforceable in American courts to welfare benefits by other countries for foreign aid. When Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain, cut welfare benefits as part of his austerity program way down to $33,000 for a single individual, he was sued by the Child's High Commissioner in Britain under the Treaty of the Child to which Britain is a signatory, saying that he was violating the Treaty in cutting the welfare benefits. 

The requirements that we provide other countries with enough money so that their children have enough clothing, etc. is legally enforceable obligation and enforceable in the U.S. Court. Under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, any Treaty the U.S. signs with a foreign power which is ratified by the Senate and in force, assumes the same priority over other laws as a Constitutional Amendment would. Congress can't violate it State Legislatures can't violate it and Courts are obligated to enforce it, and the only way to change it would be another Constitutional Amendment or a Treaty superseding that Treaty signed by all the nations that signed the original one. So this would create a legal entitlement. For example in the U.S. when we have over crowded prisons, the courts often order releases or construction of additional facilities or increases in parole, that's bad enough, but now under this they would have the power to order higher welfare benefits, more medicaid and more foreign aid. 

I believe Obama is going to sign this Treaty and will submit it to the Senate for ratification by the Lame Duck Senate, like he did with the Start Treaty, after the losses in the election in 2010, he put the Start Treaty before the Lame Duck Senate, which ratified it as the new Senate probably wouldn't have as it had more Republicans in there. He knows he is going to lose the Senate and the election, and this is his going away present to America. From Dick Morris' newly book, 'Screwed.   In Virginia call Mark Warner-202-224-2023, Jim Webb-202-224-4024. Senate Contact List......  Related Articles:  The Law of the Sea Treaty, #3875..... and UN Small Arms Treaty, #3873.  

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