Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) - #3875 - Obama Seeks Sovereignty Surrender Via LOST Treaty -

Sovereignty: Even if he's not re-elected, the president hopes to leave behind a treaty giving a U.N. body veto power over the use of our territorial waters and to which we'd be required to give half of our offshore oil revenue. The Law Of The Sea Treaty (LOST) has been lurking in the shadows for decades. Like the Kyoto Protocol that pretended to be an effort to save the earth from the poisoned fruit of the Industrial Revolution, LOST pretends to be an effort to protect the world's oceans from environmental damage and remove it as a cause of potential conflicts between nations. Like its Kyoto cousin, LOST is an attempt at the global redistribution of power and wealth, the embodiment of the progressive dream of the end of the nation state as we know it and the end of political freedom by giving veto over all of mankind's activities to a global body — in this case something called the International Seabed Authority, located in Kingston, Jamaica. The ISA would have the power to regulate 70% of the earth's surface, placing seabed mining, fishing rights, deep-sea oil exploration and even the activities of the U.S. Navy under control of a global bureaucracy. It even provides for a global tax that would be paid directly to the ISA by companies seeking to develop the resources in and under the world's oceans.......With a possible new White House occupant and Republican majority returning to the Senate in 2013, LOST is back on the front burner. Kerry is quietly working to recruit Republican votes needed to ratify the treaty. LOST is also backed by Sen. Richard Lugar. It will be brought up soon for ratification, perhaps as early as next month, and was delayed — analysts believe — by Lugar's belief it would hurt him in the Indiana primary.  Read more...........  Steve Peters: A lawless President is using the Law of the Sea Treaty to give away the crown jewels of America...our resources and freedoms to the most corrupt anti-capitalist hating collection of misfits in the world, the United Nations. This bad idea which has not improved with age was rejected in 1982 by one of the most successful, respected and beloved U. S. President's, Ronald Reagan. If I wanted America to Fail....... promoting this treaty would help achieve that end. Is Obama doing this on purpose, or just through ignorance? Does it really matter, because the end result will be the same, the crippling of our country. Please contact your Senators.  In Virginia, Mark Warner - 202-224-2023, Jim Webb - 202-224-4024.  Senate Directory....... This is the 2nd Treaty that needs telephone calls to your Senator.  See Companion Article.... U.N. Small Arms Treaty-Obama's Secret Gun Control Plan........

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