Monday, May 21, 2012

Freedom of Speech - First Amendment - #3906 - VIDEO: North Carolina Teacher Tells Student He Could Be Arrested for Talking Badly About Obama - The Blaze


NC Teacher Tells Student He Could Be Arrested for Talking Badly About Obama - The Blaze - Last Monday, a high school student in North Carolina engaged his social studies teacher in a heated debate about politics and the two leading presidential candidates. During the exchange, the teacher (an obvious Obama supporter) got very angry with the student and accused him of disrespecting the president. She even went so far as to tell the boy that he could be jailed for speaking ill of Obama. Sarah Campbell of the Salisbury Post first reported on the story. She claims that the school district is not releasing the name of the teacher and that she is not responding to requests for public comment (although the two students identified her to the newspaper). According to Campbell’s story, the teacher will not be suspended or even face disciplinary action for what was heard on the recording. A statement from the school was released at the end of the week: So, how bad was the exchange? It got fairly heated, with the teacher shouting at times. The kerfuffle started after one student asked a question about the teacher’s “fact of the day” that said Romney was a bully back in high school. A student asked:“You got to realize, this man is wanting to be what Obama is. There’s no comparison.” Once again, the students pressed for equal discussion of the histories of both men, with one saying: “If you’re gonna talk trash about one side, you gotta talk trash about the other.” The teacher just seemed to dig her heels in deeper and press her defense of Obama telling the defiant teen: “You will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.” Again the student persisted and invoked his First Amendment right. “I’ll say what I want.” The still unidentified teacher read the student her rules…her Obama rules. “Not about him, you won’t!” Read more.........

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