Monday, May 14, 2012

Barack Obama - UN Treaties - #3885 - VIDEO: Dick Morris - One World Globalism - History of Treaties in U.S. (2) American Sovereignty Lost at Sea? - American Thinker

Dick Morris - One-World Globalism - History of Treaties in the U.S. - Obama is implementing the one-world utopian vision of leftists throughout the world. From the pages of his new book Screwed, Dick explains how he is whittling away American sovereignty and creating new global bodies to replace Congress and the President himself. 

American Sovereignty Lost at Sea? - Law of the Sea Treaty - American Thinker -....... The so-called Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) needs to be extensively modified if not rejected altogether. Thirty years ago, President Reagan wisely shelved this U.N. project. He viewed it, as most Americans who have serious concerns about that world body viewed it, as a typical example of liberal internationalist globaloney. First, we need to throw overboard any "International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea." The U.N. would choose this maritime court. How do we like the U.N. Human Rights Council? That body contains such human rights offenders as China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and, until it was just too blatantly obvious to continue, Libya. If this is the U.N.'s idea of human rights, can we imagine what a Law of the Sea Tribunal would look like?. Second, we need to scrap any "discovery" provisions in legal proceedings under LOST. These can be used by those who wage "lawfare" against the United States and its NATO allies to uncover sensitive national security documents. WikiLeaks hemorrhages are bad enough. We don't need to empower the global ACLUers to undermine Americans' national security. Third, we need to scotch any attempt to tax Americans for the support of a U.N.-created International Seabed Authority. This one needs a stake through its heart. It's bad enough that the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee has been headed for a decade by such high-taxers as Joe Biden (D-Del.), Dick Lugar (R-Ind.), and John Kerry (D-Mass.). We should not let them bootstrap another taxing authority onto Americans via the backdoor of an international treaty. If this is not the camel's nose under the American tent, it is surely the international octopus's tentacle into the Yankee boat.  Read more......... Related Links:  (1) *UN Small Arms Treaty, Secret Plan to Ban Guns in U.S. VIDEO-Dick Morris, - International Gun Registration and Control,#3873. ......(2) *Law of the Sea Treaty - Obama Seeks Sovereignty Surrender Via Lost Treaty, U.S. would have to pay half of all offshore revenue and royalties to U.N. to distribute,#3875........ (3) *Rights of the Child Treaty, VIDEO-Dick Morris-would make Global Welfare and Foreign Aid Mandatory, #3879.

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