Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Barack Obama - #3892 - Obama Campaign Poster in Albemarle Agnor-Hurt Elementary School - Schilling Show Blog


In today’s highly charged political environment, government schools theoretically should be bastions of political non-partisanship. In Albemarle County, as in most Virginia school divisions, there are policies in place to prevent political indoctrination of students. Yet once again, Albemarle County’s enacted guidelines have failed to assuage concerned parents and protect vulnerable children from blatant political propagandism. Agnor-Hurt Elementary School, under the governance of Principal Michele Del Gallo Castner, has posted what could be construed as a Barack Obama campaign poster at the entrance of the school’s library. The highly stylized placard bears striking resemblance to the famous Obama “Hope” poster, and features: President Barack Obama’s posterized likeness The President’s signature The President’s name, campaign logo and inauguration date The Obama Re-Election Campaign’s official web site,   Students visiting the referenced web site will see a picture of the president, a video link in which the president announces his support for “same-sex” marriage, and the following quote: “Same-sex couples should be able to get married.” —Barack Obama Site visitors (under this circumstance, presumably students) are then encouraged to “stand up with the president” by submitting their email and zip code information.  Read more........  UPDATE:   After the principal at Agnor-Hurt was contacted, he stated the Obama Campaign reference on the poster was inappropriate and would be removed.  Steve Peters Commentary:  Our government school system is in the news again! It seems whenever they make a "mistake", it is in favor of the liberals. Please review the article. If you disagree with what they are doing, forward to others and contact your school board and supervisor, Perhaps someone should be removed from their job if this is accurate because of a lack of judgement or direct attempt to push a given political agenda.

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