Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Agenda 21 - Wildlands - Wilderness Area - #3852 - Removal of Cows is an Explosive Situation - Human Events

YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP: No Chain Saws Allowed, No Motorized Vehicles Allowed, No Airplanes or Helicopters Alowed, BUT EXPLOSIVES AND FIRE ARE ALLOWED! It is funny, if it wasn't so pathetic - How to remove dead cows in the Wilderness?
The Forest Service is trying to figure out how to get rid of a half-dozen frozen cows crowded inside a small cabin in the Colorado high country before the carcasses thaw and become bear bait in the popular hiking area near Aspen. The cattle apparently sought refuge in the structure during a sudden snowstorm and subsequently froze to death, forest officials say. The gruesome scene was discovered by a couple of snowshoeing Air Force cadets in late March. Rangers say that to avoid potential dangerous interaction between humans and bears, they need to remove the cattle before the snow melts and hungry bears from all over come out of hibernation and are drawn to the smell of the thawing cows. “That’s not a good mix,” said Forest Service spokesman Steve Segin. But getting around environmental rules and regulations, especially in designated wilderness areas where the cows expired, is proving to be a conundrum. (1) Using chain saws to cut up the cows would be an option, but chain saws are prohibited in wilderness areas; removing 6,000 consolidated pounds of frozen cow from the abandoned mining cabin would be a colossal task with a machete. (2) Even if the rangers could remove the carcasses from inside the cabin, they can’t truck the remains out of the area—no roads or motorized vehicles are allowed in wilderness areas. (3) The option of airlifting the cows with a helicopter won’t fly either; using the aircraft in this manner over a wilderness area is off-limits.  Read more.......

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