Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scott Walker - #3800 - The Left, the Media and Plans to Destroy Scott Walker - Redstate

Labor union bosses, trial lawyers and the Wisconsin Democrats have been out to end the political career of Governor Scott Walker since the moment he took office. His move to reform government employee union collective bargaining rights was a public relations spark that ignited a partisan heap of half-truths and electoral grudges. To date, Scott Walker and his reforms are still standing (and working!) in Wisconsin much to the chagrin of the Left.  Leading up to the June recall election in which Walker will defend his governorship, Democrats and Big Labor aren’t talking about collective bargaining reforms. According to an internal Democrat Party of Wisconsin memo reported on by Mother Jones magazine, Wisconsin Democrats are hoping to oust Walker by in part focusing heavily on what is known as the John Doe investigation.  In Wisconsin, prosecutors may launch secretive probes (hence the name “John Doe”) into criminal activities. John Chisholm, the Democrat District Attorney for Milwaukee County, has for 2 years now been running a John Doe investigation into former county government employees who held jobs while Walker was Milwaukee County Executive.  Interestingly enough, it was Walker who called for the probe to out suspected fraud.  After Walker took office as governor, Democrats began hinting that the John Doe would morph into a probe of Walker, and thus Walker could become Wisconsin’s own version of Richard Nixon. The first Democrat Party of Wisconsin television ad of the gubernatorial recall explicitly made the Walker-Nixon comparison.  Read more........

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