Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obamacare - #3797 - Great News: Obama Diverting a Half-Billion Dollars to the IRS for Obamacare Enforcement - Hot Air (2) New Study Shows Obamacare Will Add $340 Billion to Deficit in First Decade (3) WAPo/ABC Polls Adds 7 Points to Dem Advantage in Sample

The good news — Barack Obama has finally found a way to use a half-billion dollars to fund job creation, unlike at Solyndra, where both the money and the jobs disappeared. The bad news? They’ll all be IRS enforcers for a law that has a pretty good chance of getting mooted in the next few months: The Obama administration is quietly diverting roughly $500 million to the IRS to help implement the president’s healthcare law. The money is only part of the IRS’s total implementation spending, and it is being provided outside the normal appropriations process. The tax agency is responsible for several key provisions of the new law, including the unpopular individual mandate. Not just including the individual mandate — it’s almost entirely for enforcing the individual mandate. Most of the taxes included in the ObamaCare bill have already gone into effect. While a few remain to be triggered, the new efforts for which the IRS must prepare have to do almost exclusively with enforcing the mandate and distributing subsidies for taxpayers to spend to comply with it. Estimates of the personnel and resources needed to enforce this provision have varied widely. In 2010, Rep. Paul Ryan put the number at 15,000 and Sen. John Barrasso estimated the ten-year costs at $5 billion, which the White House sharply denied at the time. If the Obama administration needs $500 million as a first-year start-up to get the IRS prepared for enforcement, then Barrasso’s estimate appears to be spot-on.  Read more.........

New Study Shows Obamacare Will Add $340 Billion to Deficit in First Decade - Hot Air - When passing and signing ObamaCare into law, Democrats — including most prominently Barack Obama — insisted that the bill would not inflate already-exploding deficits. In fact, they claimed, the bill would save money in the first ten years, which was accomplished by a rather transparent staging of taxes and benefits that gave ObamaCare a few years of revenue before any significant outlays. However, a new study by a trustee for CMS shows that the bill will actually increase deficits by $340 billion in the first ten years, thanks in part to a little-known issue with the shell game ObamaCare plays with those funding mechanisms:........The study is set to be released Tuesday by Charles Blahous, a conservative policy analyst whom Obama approved in 2010 as the GOP trustee for Medicare and Social Security. His analysis challenges the conventional wisdom that the health-care law, which calls for an expensive expansion of coverage for the uninsured beginning in 2014, will nonetheless reduce deficits by raising taxes and cutting payments to Medicare providers.  Read more...........

WAPO/ABC Poll Adds 7 Points to Dem Advantage in Sample - Hot Air ........It’s a great object lesson in how to manufacture news. Need a story that the incumbent President’s fortunes are looking up? Well, just adjust the sample a bit and voila, he takes a seven point lead over his presumed rival in the fall election! Besides, it gives me fodder for snarky material every few weeks........What happens when you switch from a D+4 to a D+11 in measuring Obama’s standing? Suddenly, his job approval goes from 46% to 50% — actually, a rather weak gain given the sampling distortion in the poll. Not coincidentally, the last time Obama hit 50% in this poll was in February, which also had a D+11 sample, after January’s D+7. Adding seven points to the Democratic advantage impacted Obama’s performance in all areas, although perhaps not as much as the editors had hoped:
Economy — Up six points from 38% to 44%
International affairs — Down two points from January’s poll, 47% from 49%
Right/wrong direction – Up three points from January
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