Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monumental Movie - #3774 - Producer Kirk Cameron Details His Journey from Atheism to Christ - The Blaze

Actor Kirk Cameron has been more than open about his concern for America’s future. That’s why he produced “Monumental,” a documentary feature film that delves deeply into the nation’s moral and social fabrics to seek solutions to help guide the U.S. back on course. Earlier this week, The Blaze spoke exclusively with Cameron about his faith and his recent film project; on Friday, the filmmaker also appeared on Glenn Beck’s television show, where he promoted the documentary. In a candid conversation with The Blaze, Cameron recapped his personal path from atheism to evangelical Christianity. While this is a tale many Americans can relate to, the actor’s personal testimony takes some intriguing twists and turns as a result of his Hollywood career.  While Cameron said he wasn‘t into drugs or alcohol before becoming a Christian and that people wouldn’t have necessarily dubbed him as wild, he explained that as a 15-year-old teen idol, the world revolved around him. Instead of being a follower of the Almighty, Cameron describes himself as an atheist during his pre-Christian years.  “You know, sometimes I say a little tongue and cheek…I‘d still be an atheist today if it wasn’t for God,” he joked when asked to share details about his faith walk. “Ultimately, I wasn’t looking for God. I adamantly denied his existence until I was 18 years old.”  Cameron explained that his worldview began to change when he was dating a young woman who took him to church with her. The “Growing Pains” actor described how the experience caused him to start questioning whether God does indeed exist.  Read more.........

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