Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jefferson Area Tea Party - #3816 - VIDEO: E. W. Jackson, GOP Candidate for Primary for U.S. Senate - 4th Annual Tax Day Tea Party - Monday, April 16th, Free Speech Wall, Downtown Mall, Charlottesville, Va. - Welborn Freedom Watch

Excerpt (1:38) from video below - E. W. Jackson, Va. GOP Primary Candidate for U.S. Senate- Message to Barack Obama - "The American People are standing tall to tell you, that you didn't give us our freedom and we are not going to let you take our freedom away."

E. W. Jackson, Candidate for Virginia Republican Primary for U.S. Senate - Full speech, speaking at Jefferson Area Tea Party Tax Day Tea Party, "It's Still the Spending Stupid,"Free Speech Wall, Downtown Mall, Charlottesville, Va. Joe Thomas of WCHV and The Afternoon Constitutional, was Emcee. Other speakers were: Jaime Radtke and Bob Marshall, also candidates for GOP Primary for U.S. Senate; Mark Dagherty-Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, Helen Swift-Doval-President Jefferson Area Tea Party, Rob Schilling - Host of "The Schilling Show," Ken White-Charlottesville Taxpayers Association, David Marotta-Marotta Wealth Management, Dr. Jim Lark - Libertarian Party of Virginia, Chris Horner-Competitive Enterprise Institute, Clara Belle Wheeler-Local businesswoman and hand surgeon, Jim Stern - Albemarle Truth in Taxation Alliance, and Steve Peters-Board Member of JATP.

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