Friday, April 27, 2012

EPA "Crucifies" Oil Companies - #3842 - VIDEO: Greta Interviews Sen. James Inhofe - Truth Behind EPA Going After Oil Companies - Greta Van Susteren (2) Whodunit: The Case of the Missing EPA "Crucifixion" Video - Hot Air

Greta Interviews Sen. James Inhofe, who broke the original video exposing how the EPA's Philosophy on Oil Companies "Crucify Them," Just as Romans Crucified Conquered Citizens. He gives true examples of how the EPA used this philosophy on oil companies, etc., accused them of regulation violations that proved to be false. Senator Inhofe in this clips details these occurrences.

Whodunit: The Case of the Missing EPA "Crucifixion" Video - Hot Air - First you see it — then you don’t. When Senator James Inhofe’s office discovered video of EPA administrator Al Armendariz on YouTube telling an audience that he liked the Roman approach to regulatory enforcement that entailed crucifying the first four or five people as a lesson to all the others, they clipped out the segment and put it up on YouTube themselves. Now the “citizen media activist” who first posted the video has claimed that Inhofe’s office violated his copyright and demanded that YouTube pull the video … which they did: Sen. Jim Inhofe’s staff wants to know more about why YouTube took down a video that showed an EPA regional administrator comparing the agency’s enforcement philosophy to Roman crucifixions. The takedown, which POLITICO noticed early Friday, apparently took place at the behest of a “citizen media” activist who had originally posted the video on YouTube, Inhofe spokesman Matt Dempsey said by email.  Read more.......

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