Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter - #3790 - Experiencing the Cross: A Glimpse of Hell - Crosswalk

Julie Barrier - I had the most remarkable encounter with God today. I was meditating upon Jesus on the cross, and, after decades of being a Christian, God revealed to me an aspect of Jesus’ suffering that I never understood or even considered. What was it truly like for Jesus to experience “hell” on the cross? We know that all of the sins of every human in history were laid on Him. We know that Isaiah said the “chastisement of our peace” was experienced by Christ in those agonizing moments, but I believe the nails, the thorns and the ridicule were almost negligible to Jesus as He hung between heaven and earth in those hours. This was a young man who confessed to his closest disciples that He and the Father were one (John 17:11). Uninterrupted fellowship. He never felt guilt for wrongdoing. Jesus said He only did what He “saw the Father doing” (John 5:19). Such profound communion, unsurpassed joy and quiet peace are something most of us rarely experience in our fleeting days on the earth. But Jesus walked with His Dad every day, just like Adam chatted with God in the cool of the evening. His most precious relationship was cruelly ripped from His heart as His Father looked away. “Daddy, oh Daddy, why have you forsaken me here?” (Matthew 27:46) Read more...........

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