Monday, April 23, 2012

Barack Obama - #3828 - VIDEO: "If I Wanted America to Fail"- Free Market - The Right Scoop - Hot Air

VERY POWERFUL VIDEO, PLEASE WATCH: Does is matter if Obama and the liberals are doing this on purpose, or just ignorance, if the disastrous results are the same to the American Economy?
"If I Wanted America to Fail."- Free Market - The Right Scoop. This video has been viewed 22,412 times. The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it's become an economic suicide pact. And we're here to challenge it. On Earth Day, visit powerful and revealing monologue on what is being done to our country.  Contributed by Steve Peters.
UPDATE FROM HOT AIR:  The message at the very end is especially poignant: If I wanted America to fail I…I suppose I wouldn’t change a thing. This is exactly right of course, and the prescription for change is more than just about electing a new president in November, or the GOP winning a majority in the Senate. Yes, the destructive effects of big government on economic prosperity and individual liberty have been exponentially worse since Democrats won a majority in Congress in 2006. Culminating in the nightmare of 2009-2010. But America veered off course long before this, with both parties complicit in the growth of runaway government spending and the perpetual expansion of federal power. Read more.......

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