Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Agenda 21 - Sustainability - TJPDC - #3836 - Dr. Charles Battig: An Open Letter to the Albemarle County and Charlottesville Planning Commissions - Schilling Show Blog

With both an engineering and medical background, my views are science and validated-results based. They are more oriented with F. A. Hayek and “The Fatal Conceit,” than with American Planning Association dogma. None of my comments are intended to disparage the conscientious efforts of those who have been fulfilling their duties in conducting the various studies being presented to you tonight. My focus is on the factual results rather than on motives or good intentions. Such a focus might give a false impression of my not being considerate or caring, just the opposite is the truth. According to the official “oneCommunities” website, the “Livability Project” (your agenda item #1), is funded by a U.S. HUD $999,000 grant. The October 14, 2010 letter from HUD to Mr. Stephen Williams in announcing the grant award made reference to the title of his application, “Sustainable Communities Regional Grant Planning Program.” Subsequently, an unexplained metamorphosis took place which transformed the project title into a “livability” project, and the term “sustainability” was scarcely to be found thereafter. What is the definition of “livability” for this project? If it exits, I cannot find it. From that same website, I have copied one item from the 1998 Sustainability Accords (implementation of which is an objective of the grant): 3. To maintain a population composition that does not reduce the sustainability of the Region. To be measured by the distribution of population according to age, race/ethnicity, income/personal wealth, education, and employment status. In looking around the room at the people making up these commissions, I see at least one visible measurement feature not yet achieved from this 1998 guiding goal.  Read more......

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