Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Agenda 21, ICLEI, Private Property Rights - #3818 - Barack Obama: Zoning the Ocean - Townhall (2) Report: Michigan Department of Natural Resources 'Armed Raids' to Enforce 'Feral Swine' Ban - The Blaze

President Barack Obama has an ambitious plan for Washington bureaucrats to take command of the oceans—and with it control over much of the nation’s energy, fisheries, even recreation in a move described by lawmakers as the ultimate power grab to zone the seas. The massive undertaking also includes control over key inland waterways and rivers that reach hundreds of miles upstream, and began with little fanfare when Obama signed an executive order in 2010 to protect the aquatic environment. “This one to me could be the sleeping power grab that Americans will wake up to one day and wonder what the heck hit them,” said Rep. Bill Flores (R –Texas). “This is pure administrative fiat,” said Sen. David Vitter (R –La.). “It’s very troubling.” “This is purely a unilateral administrative action with no real congressional input or oversight,” Vitter said. “I think it clearly threatens to have a big impact on a lot of industry, starting with energy, oil and gas, and fishing.” But in his zeal to curb sea sprawl, lawmakers say the president’s executive order also gives Washington officialdom unprecedented reach to control land use as well.............The ocean policy has been a sleeper issue with very little media coverage, but now that it is starting to affect industries such as gas and oil production, lawmakers say congressional hearings are needed to take a broader look at its impact and consider public input from all of the stakeholders, not just environmentalists.  This has largely been completely under the radar,” Vitter said. “And that is exactly the way the administration and their environmental allies want to do it—announce the administrative fiat is complete and that we have this new way of life that nobody knew was coming.”  House Republicans are fighting back by tightening the purse strings they control and hope that by cutting off funding to implement the policy, and putting a stop to officials they believe are siphoning money away from other programs, they can block it from going forward.  Read more..........

REPORT: Michigan Department of Natural Resources 'Armed Raids' to Enforce 'Feral Swine' Ban - The Blaze - As ranchers continue to fight against a ban the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (DNR) has instituted on “feral swine” — a ban that went into effect this month — the department gone into enforcement mode, conducting “raids” on farms previously known to have had the swine. In 2010, the DNR outlawed feral swine — pigs classified as non-native, invasive and said to be disease-carriers and detrimental to the environment — for both those raising the pigs for sport hunting and as meat. Both groups with a stake in the swine have since fought to have the ban reversed or at least suggested more stringent regulations for those who owned the pigs instead of complete eradication. But after a series of delays and extensions to give hunters an incentive to shoot wild swine and ranches the time to get rid of the animals themselves, the ban did officially go into effect April 1.........For more than a decade, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has worked politically to drive private hunting preserves out of business. However, the Michigan state legislature repeatedly rebuffed their attempts. Elected officials recognize how important private property rights are, and they were unwilling to prohibit landowners to raise and harvest animals in open areas. Now, backed by large Agribusiness interests in the state, DNR has done an end run around participatory democracy and declared swine with certain characteristics “feral” which not only includes animals raised at hunting preserves but thousands of other small farms across the state.  Read more.......

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