Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Transportation Bill and Energy - #3711- Tacking the Natural Gas Act onto the Transportation Bill? - Hot Air (2) Coal Hurting Obama Chances in Swing States - Hot Air

The massive, $109B transportation bill looked – briefly – like it might sail through Congress and to the President’s desk, but now it seems to have stalled again. The delay was not caused by some huge delegation of elected representatives suddenly waking up and realizing they have to spend our money more carefully, though. No, the snag came from one of the usual bugaboos… nobody can agree on all the amendments they want to tack on at the 11th hour.  While we should be giving each and every one of them due scrutiny, there is a particularly nasty one hiding in the weeds. It looks like some members are going to try to sneak the NAT GAS Act through on the transportation bill.  Capitol Hill sources report that a ruling by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will allow the Natural Gas Act to be included in Senate Res. 1813, “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century America Fast Forward Financing Innovation Act of 2011,” commonly referred to as the highway bill. The highway bill was debated by the Senate Tuesday. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), who filed the Senate’s version of the Nat Gas Act in November, told us he added it to the highway bill last night.  Natural Gas is a great source of energy and we’ve got a lot of it. It will do just fine without being subsidized by the taxpayer. But if we juice up this particular goose, who is going to profit the most? The first name which likely comes to many of your minds is probably T-Boone Pickens. And to be sure, Pickens would profit handsomely. But he’s not the only one.  George Soros and other top contributors to Democrats are one step closer to making millions of dollars off their natural gas investments, thanks to tax breaks and subsidies included in the Natural Gas Act which was filed March 5 as an amendment to the highway bill…  Read more........  Senate contact information........ In Virginia:  Mark Warner - 202-224-2023, Jim Webb-202-224-4024.  

Coal Hurting Obama's Chances in Swing States - Hot Air - Hot Air Memo to GOP:
Dear Republicans,
When you finish up letting the Democrats lead you around by the nose over things like which radio show host said what about who and where to buy the cheapest birth control pills, you might want to stop by some of the Rust Belt swing states and ask the folks there how things are going. In particular, check in with them in terms of how much it will be costing each voter this summer to keep the lights turned on and whether or not the workers at a number of coal fired power plants know where to go file for unemployment.  Best Regards,  Jazz.
As gasoline prices continue to rise and keep the heat on President Obama’s energy policies, critics also are accusing the president of shifting support away from the coal industry, a major source of fuel and jobs in several battleground states, including Colorado, Michigan and Ohio.  Lawmakers on both sides of the partisan aisle say Obama administration environmental regulations aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissionsare poised to hit jobs and consumers harder than the Keystone XL decision at the same time the president seems to have abandoned his stated support for the coal industry and clean-coal technology…  Read more........

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