Monday, March 5, 2012

Presidential Elections 2012 - #3703 - VIDEO: Further Proof Romney Supported National Individual Mandate in 2009 -Erick Erickson - Redstate (2) Bob Bennett Must Go: The Individual Mandate - Redstate

Further Proof Romney Supported National Individual Mandate in 2009 - Erick Erickson -Redstate - 4,860 views.   As I mentioned yesterday, back in 2009 Mitt Romney took to the pages of USA Today to tell President Obama that as he came up with a healthcare plan he should consider using “tax penalties” as Massachusetts did or “tax credits, as others have proposed” to help cover the costs of health care.  The “tax penalties” is Mitt Romney’s individual mandate, a key portion the Obama Administration has credited all along as having been embraced in Obamacare.  Since pointing out yesterday that, in his own words, Mitt Romney supported a national individual mandate, his supporters have gone totally insane on twitter fully denying and trying to spin their way out of this story. Despite Romney’s own words in his editorial, Mitt Romney’s supporters are denying Romney’s own words.  But Romney did not just write an op-ed. He went on Meet the Press too. You can hear Mitt Romney on Meet the Press recommend the President take one of two approaches in formulating health care.  The first approach Romney suggests is Romneycare, which Mitt Romney now claims was never intended to be a model for the nation.  The second approach Romney suggests is the Wyden-Bennett health reform measure then pending in the United States Senate. Wyden-Bennett, like Romneycare, contained an individual mandate.  In other words, skipping the diplomatic phrasing of some, Mitt Romney lies each time he says he never supported a national individual mandate.

Bob Bennett Must Go: The Individual Mandate - Erick Erickson - Redstate -2-27-10 -  I don’t know about you, but I think when proposing such bold initiatives, our senators should actually ask, “Is it constitutional?” But it is clear Bob Bennett does not respect the constitution.  [N]ot every member of the GOP opposes an individual mandate.  Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, backed an individual mandate as part of a bipartisan health reform bill he pushed with Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden. Their bill had a handful of other Republican sponsors as well.  The Senate is not seriously considering the “Healthy Americans Act” at this time.  Bennett said this week that the constitutional issues never came up as they crafted their health care fix. He said he looked at the individual mandate in health care as something analogous to the requirement to have car insurance.  Bennett voted in the Senate that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, but has refused to back away from the individual mandate in his own legislation, which is pretty much the same as the one in Obamacare.  But when the constitution is outmoded, constitutionality really does not matter. I guess.

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