Sunday, March 18, 2012

October Baby, The Movie - #3739 - Film Review: October Baby

When one hears about a film like October Baby, which deals with the aftermath of a failed abortion and the impact it has on the lives of those affected, certain conclusions about it will emerge before even entering the theater. People will expect it to preach a pro-life message rather than tell a story. The film will manipulate characters so that they are neatly divided between evil and good. Religion will get shoved down the viewers’ throats. All of the loose ends will get tied up in a neat bow. And all of those conclusions will be … wrong.  October Baby tells the story of a young college student, Hannah (Rachel Hendrix), who has had numerous health issues in childhood but emerged as a generally healthy young adult when supported with proper medical care — at least until she collapses during a school play. The subsequent medical tests, and the reading of her private journal by her parents, lead to a clash in which she discovers for the first time that she was adopted, and that she survived an abortion at 24 weeks. Shocked, angry, and lost, Hannah joins her childhood confidante Jason (Jason Burkey) on a quest to find her true identity and some real meaning to her life.  Read more........

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