Monday, March 12, 2012

Obamacare - #3723 - Obama to Intensify Defense of Health Care Reform - Washington Examiner

The White House is preparing a campaign to publicly defend President Obama's health care reforms just weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court weighs arguments on its constitutionality -- a case that could redefine the scope of the 2012 election and mobilize voters on both sides. Obama's health care overhaul both emboldened Democrats and enraged conservatives when it passed in 2010. And while its most controversial provision mandating health care coverage doesn't take effect until 2014, all of the Republicans seeking to challenge Obama in the fall are pledging to repeal the reforms before they can be implemented. The Supreme Court is slated to hear arguments on the health care provisions between March 26 and 28, and Obama is working to remind voters that there are parts of the law that are popular, including a provision that allows parents to keep children on their own health care plans longer. About 100 Obama supporters met at the White House last week to begin planning how to promote his initiative ahead of the court hearing, administration officials confirmed to The Washington Examiner, though they declined to identify the groups involved. Obama clearly has much invested in the outcome of the case. If overturned, the president would lose his signature accomplishment just as he's trying to convince voters he has earned another four years.  Read more.........

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