Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free Speech - #3709 - Tom Perriello and Free Speech Dying in Australia - Bearing Drift

We now have clear, unadulterated evidence of just how important elections are in Australia.  The current government there – a Labor “minority” government in Parliament that relies on the Greens and left-wing independents to maintain a one-seat edge in the lower house – has imposed a carbon tax despite promising to voters in 2010 that it never would. Now, in a desperate attempt to stave off relentless criticism for their ineptness and deceit, the Laborites put together a press inquiry that has essentially called for the end of free speech Down Under.  Labor never talked about killing freedom of speech during the campaign – but I’m guessing you knew that already.  Among the other interesting notes:  The Media Inquiry – which would like to regulate all newspapers, broadcaster, and bloggers who get more than 55 hits a day (Andrew Bolt) – acknowledges that most of the push for its regulatory drive came from Avaaz.org – a leftwing international advocacy group co-founded by Moveon.org and Res Publica, a group of mostly international bureaucrats that includes none other than Tom Perriello as one of its heavy-hitters (I can’t wait to bring up his role in this totalitarian nonsense the next time he ever tries to grace a ballot with his name).  Amidst the various supposedly horrific problems with a free press . . . the Media Inquiry singled out skeptics of global warming alarmism for particular scorn (Bolt again), and it didn’t take long after the Inquiry released its report that a Labor Minister openly expressed hope he could muzzle Bolt (who is a well-known skeptic, and has had great fun pointing out some of the alarmists’ biggest whoppers).   Read more........

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