Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Barack Obama - #3708 - State Attorneys General Report Tackles Obama's Unprecedented Lawbreaking - American Thinker (2) A Report on Obama Administration Violations of Law - Republican State Leadership Committee

On March 5, the chief law enforcement officials from nine states issued A Report on Obama Administration Violations of Law.  Nine constitutional conservative attorneys general say the report's purpose is to "outline actions taken by [the Obama] Administration that are violations of law." The report appears to be an unprecedented response to unprecedented lawbreaking.  The Daily Caller quotes one of the nine, Virginia's Ken Cuccinelli, at a press conference unveiling the report: "'This is not about policy. ... [It is about] this administration's disregard for the law,' he said. President Obama and his deputies, he added, are 'the greatest set of lawbreakers that have run the federal government in our lifetimes.'"
Joining Cuccinelli on the report are Attorneys General Tom Horne of Arizona; Pam Bondi of Florida; Sam Olens of Georgia; Bill Schuette of Michigan; Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma; Marty Jackley of South Dakota; Alan Wilson of South Carolina; and Greg Abbott of Texas.  The report discusses the "continued disdain for the Constitution and laws shown by the Obama Administration." But it's about more than violations of the Constitution. "[T]his Administration repeatedly shows disdain for states, federal laws it finds inconvenient, the Constitution and the courts," the report adds.  The report lists 21 violations of law by the Obama Administration that these attorneys general are currently fighting. That number does not include the many Obama Administration illegalities that the attorneys general have not yet begun to tackle.  The report is forward-looking in the remedies the attorneys general will seek, stating:  This group of nine Attorneys General will grow and continue to serve as a de facto "task force," assisting when possible to defend state laws and identifying "best practices" and legal arguments to fight back against the Obama Administration's illegalities in a more cohesive and effective manner;  The next election is critically important and as the states' chief legal officers, the attorneys general will make a concerted effort to educate their states' voters on the impacts that the Obama Administration's legal violations have on their every day lives.  We finally have some lawyers using the law for the right purposes. Let's get them some assistance, and grow their ranks.
A Report on Obama Administration Violations of Law -  ............The purpose of this report is to outline actions taken by this Administration that are violations of law.  The obvious example is a federal health care overhaul, passed against the will of the majority of Americans and more importantly in violation of the Constitution, which is now being challenged by more than half of the states.  While the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has received the most attention, it serves as a representation of a much larger picture that demonstrates the continued disdain for the Constitution and laws shown by the Obama Administration.  Through the collective review by a committee of Attorneys General from nine of the 50 states, the group identified more than 21 illegal actions from this Administration and is highlighting the effects of the federal overreach on our citizens and states.  The Impact -   Whether it is through the EPA, NLRB, Office of Surface Mining, FCC or other entities, the Obama Administration has aggressively used administrative agencies to implement policy objectives that cannot gain congressional approval and are outside of the law. Read more...........

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