Monday, March 5, 2012

Barack Obama - #3704 - VIDEO: Andrew Breitbart Memorial: "Man Against the Mob" - Real Clear Politics (2) VIDEO: Dinesh D'Souza - Obama and 2016 - CPAC

Andrew Breitbart Memorial: 'Man Against the Mob," 5,990 views.  Accuracy in Media pays tribute to Andrew Breitbart, who died Thursday at the age of 43. Accuracy in Media was saddened this morning to learn that a true champion for grassroots journalism had so suddenly passed away. We at AIM will always remember him as a man who fearlessly stood up for liberty, truth and honest media. Accuracy in Media believes that his efforts will not end with his passing, but will only inspire a legion of new citizen journalists and watchdogs bent on exposing corruption and media falsehoods.  Steve Peters Commentary: Good tribute to a Great conservative soldier. He went toe to toe with the liberals, as we all should. The heart of a lion!

Dinesh D'Souza - Obama and 2016 - CPAC - Full speech of Dinesh D'Souza from the CPAC livestream, and author of 'Roots of Obama's Rage, and preview clip of new movie 'Obama and 2016,' 28,532 views.

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