Saturday, February 25, 2012

Religious Liberty - #3683 - Non-Catholic Christian Groups, State Governments Sue Over Obama Birth Control Mandate - Daily Caller

At least seven religious plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against the Obama administration over the president’s contraception mandate for health care coverage. That requirement forces most health insurance plans to offer free preventative services for women.  So far the majority of civil complaints have come from small religious colleges and universities that claim the mandate infringes upon their religious liberty and forces institutions to provide services that violate their faith.  “The issue here is exercising our religious freedom, not contraception or abortion,” Geneva College President Ken Smith told The Daily Caller. “And I will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Roman Catholic Church on this issue or anyone else for that matter.  Nebraska and six other states also challenged the mandate with a lawsuit in federal court Thursday, according to a Reuters report. “The First Amendment has for centuries served as a rampart against government interference with religious liberty,” the suit argues.  The other states include Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. Catholic Social Services, the Catholic Mutual Relief Society of America and Pius X Catholic High School in Nebraska were identified as co-plaintiffs.  Read more........

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