Monday, February 13, 2012

Religious Liberty - #3651 - Obama Losing Catholics? Think Again - Town Hall (2) Won't You Come Home Bill Daley? - American Thinker

“Can Obama win his battle with the Catholic Church?” The words scrolled across the bottom of my screen. The cable channel “experts” were debating the President’s mandate that Catholic institutions provide employee insurance coverage for contraception, sterilization, and abortion inducing drugs. “The President is helping women with their reproductive health needs,” one of the pundits noted. “But how will the voters respond?” the host replied. Indeed, the President of the United States instigated a battle with an entire church, and did so quite intentionally. And it’s futile to now ask “can he win?” (he’s already scoring political points– I’ll explain in a moment). Americans should instead be asking some different questions: Why have we come to accept a U.S. President’s attack on a church as normal, as though it’s nothing more than the subject of armchair quarterbacking? Why do polls show that nearly half of the American electorate wants to re-elect him? And why did a clear majority of American Catholics vote to empower this man in the first place?.........And herein lays President Obama’s political victory: he has yet again driven a wedge between some of the Catholic laity, and many of the Catholic clergy. He jabbed a stick in the collective eye of Catholic Church hierarchy over teachings that some Catholics don’t take seriously to begin with, and he now has at least some Catholic lay-organizations praising him for being reasonable and negotiable – even as Catholic Clergy remain disgruntled, and “un-reasonable.”  Read more.........

Excellent Article, from a different perspective, don't miss this one.
Won't You Come Home Bill Daley? - American Thinker - The past week saw a tardy footnote explaining in part how the Administration was able to cram ObamaCare down the throats of Americans who overwhelmingly opposed (and still oppose) it. After the government spent $ 1.8 million dollars to defend the Justice Department lawyers who prosecuted the late Senator Ted Stevens, Judge Sullivan announced he was going to make public the 500 page report of the independent investigation of this team. In doing so he observed what I said long ago:  "The government's ill-gotten verdict in the case not only cost that public official his bid for re-election, the results of that election tipped the balance of power in the United States Senate," Sullivan wrote. "That the government later moved to dismiss the indictment with prejudice and vacate the verdict months after the trial does not eradicate the misconduct, nor should it serve to shroud that misconduct in secrecy." The Attorney General has taken no disciplinary action against the prosecutors, and Judge Sullivan's remarks were not broadly publicized, but I want you to read and remember them. An innocent, respected Senator was tried and convicted and lost his office, and the Republicans their Senate majority -- paving the way for ObamaCare -- because of the unlawful, unethical, unprofessional conduct of federal prosecutors, who we then paid a fortune to defend and who have not ever been punished for what they did.  Read more.......

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