Thursday, February 9, 2012

Religious Liberty - #3641 - VIDEO: Marco Rubio: Religious Freedom Act - Contraception Mandate Battle (2) VIDEO: Bart Stupak: Betrayed by Obamacare's Contraception Mandate - Greta Van Susteren (3) Obamacare's Great Awakening - Wall Street Journal

Religious Freedom Act - Marco Rubio - Contraception Mandate Battle - Greta Van Susteren - Fla. junior senator takes on health care law's controversial mandate, the 2012 race and more.

Bart Stupak - Betrayed by Obamacare's Contraception Mandate - Greta Van Susteren - Former Democratic pro-life congressman key to 'ObamaCare's' passage angered, befuddled by controversial mandate.

Obamacare's Great Awakening - Wall Street Journal - The political furor over President Obama's birth-control mandate continues to grow, even among those for whom contraception poses no moral qualms, and one needn't be a theologian to understand why. The country is being exposed to the raw political control that is the core of the Obama health-care plan, and Americans are seeing clearly for the first time how this will violate pluralism and liberty. In late January the Health and Human Services Department required almost all insurance plans to cover contraceptive and sterilization methods, including the morning-after pill. The decision came after passionate lobbying by religious groups and liberals from the likes of Planned Parenthood, amid government promises of compromise. Practicing this kind of compulsion is routine and noncontroversial within Ms. Sebelius's ministry. That may explain why her staff didn't notice that the birth-control rule abridges the First Amendment's protections for religious freedom. Then again, maybe HHS thought the public had become inured to such edicts, which have arrived every few weeks since the Affordable Care Act passed. Bad call. The decision has roused the Catholic bishops from their health-care naivete, but they've been joined by people of all faiths and even no faith, as it becomes clear that their own deepest moral beliefs may be thrown over eventually. Contraception is the single most prescribed medicine for women between 18 and 44 years old, and nine of 10 insurers and employers already cover it. Yet HHS still decided to rub it in the face of religious hospitals.  Read more..........

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