Thursday, February 16, 2012

Barack Obama - #3660 - Rush Limbaugh: Staggering: Obama to Cut Nukes by 80% (2) AUDIO: Mark Levin Recommends Articles of Impeachment for HHS Secretary Sebelius - The Daily Caller (3) is Obama Using the IRS to Silence Opposition Voices? - The Blaze

RUSH: There are some things happening today that are downright scary. The regime, led by Barack Hussein Obama, is weighing options for reducing our US nuclear force, including a reduction of up to 80% in the number of deployed warheads -- 80%. Folks, this is staggering. Meanwhile, the Iranians are nuking up. Iran announced today that they're gonna cut off oil to six countries that have opposed its nuclear program, and more importantly, Iran also announced that they have installed domestically made nuclear fuel rods in their Tehran reactor..........The Associated Press is reporting that Obama could cut our nuclear weapons arsenal by 80%. That is just staggering. This would amount to unilateral disarmament. Three hundred nuclear weapons would take us back to levels not seen since 1950. If we cut our nuclear weapons down to 300, Russia will have five times, 1,550 nuclear warheads. If we reduce to 300, we will have fewer nuclear warheads than the ChiComs. The only thing you could say in response to this, "Well, Rush, we don't have anything to fear from the Russians or the Chinese or anybody in the Middle East." No, of course we don't. The last time we had 300 warheads was in the fifties and that's when we were making them as fast as our technology and materials would permit us to make 'em. We weren't stopping at 300. We kept going. Read more........

AUDIO: Mark Levin Recommends Articles of Impeachment for HHS Secretary Sebilius - The Daily Caller - On his Monday show, radio talk show host Mark Levin, author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” said “what would happen if we were living in a functioning constitutional republic is articles of impeachment would be drawn up against the secretary of [Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius]” over a slew of charges, most recently the contraception mandate for Catholic institutions.  “I’m not trying to be controversial,” Levin clarified. “I’m telling you how it would work if it were [a functioning constitutional republic] . For violating her oath to uphold the Constitution, for violating her fidelity to the rule of law, for seizing power she simply does not have. But that’s not going to happen because the system is broken. Even the most modest things that could be done are not being done.”  Levin added that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives should, one way or another, go after the Obama administration, and the tools to do so were envisioned by the framers of the U.S. Constitution.  Every single bill that comes out of the House of Representatives should in one way or another deal with the unconstitutional acts of the president, including the latest, he continued. “The Bill of Rights, the Bill of Rights. The fact of the matter is, folks, that but for the promise that federalist had to give the anti-federalists and others in the state ratifying conventions, we would not have a constitution if they hadn’t agreed in the first Congress they would present a Bill of Rights to protect the individual and the states against the central government.”

Is Obama Using the IRS to Silence Opposition Voices? - The Blaze -  In just the past week, we have received emails from various Tea Party groups around the country alerting us to the oppressive demands being sent to them from the IRS. And so we ask the question: Is the Obama administration using the IRS to wage a war against opposition voices like the Tea Party? One of the groups currently dealing with the government’s overreach is the Ohio Liberty Council Corp. The OLC’s President, Tom Zawistokowski, posted a letter on the group’s website detailing the timeline of the their efforts to gain non-profit status and the recent demand for documents made by the IRS. In the letter Tom states:  My own Portage County TEA Party has been waiting for over a year just to get a response from the IRS so we can file our 2010 tax return! In the attached PDF I share with you, the “Additional Information Requested” of the Ohio Liberty Council from our June 30th, 2010 application which we just received on January 30, 2012. Yes, they took a year and a half to respond to our application and they are giving us two weeks to respond back. As you will see, this is no simple request.  Read more........

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