Monday, January 23, 2012

Virginia Senate Race 2012 - #3595 - VIDEO: 'Unabashed' - Tim Kaine's Record of Putting President Obama's Agenda over Families

George Allen - 'Unabashed' - The George Allen for U.S. Senate Campaign today released its latest web video titled, “Unabashed,” highlighting Tim Kaine’s record of putting President Obama’s agenda over the families and small businesses of Virginia. By applauding President Obama’s decision to block the Keystone Pipeline, Tim Kaine said no to thousands of good-paying American jobs and a steady supply of affordable energy from our closest neighbor and ally.  “Chairman Kaine proudly calls himself an ‘unabashed’ supporter of President Obama and on every significant issue of the last three years Mr. Kaine has proven his loyalty, putting President Obama’s agenda first. But what about Virginia?” asked Dan Allen, senior advisor to the Allen Campaign. “Virginia families want a Senator that will fight for them, not one that will simply serve as a rubberstamp for President Obama and his agenda.” SUPER: 35 straight months of unemployment over 8 percent. Families struggling. And Washington? More politics.
SUPER: “President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign sought to manage fallout on Thursday from his decision to nix a new oil pipeline, putting up its first television ad of 2012 to promote his energy record.” – Reuters, 1/19/12
JOE SCARBOROUGH: “A big policy decision yesterday by the Obama administration, I must say I don’t understand it for a lot of different reasons… Keystone. The President killed the permitting for Keystone…”
SUPER: And Tim Kaine?
TIM KAINE: I’m an unabashed supporter of the president.
SUPER: ““But Kaine’s campaign issued a statement of its own Wednesday afternoon, largely echoing the Obama administration’s position.” – Washington Post, 1/18/12
TIM KAINE: I’m not going to run as distancing myself from the president.
SUPER: “Anyone Surprised? Anyone? At All? Kaine backs Obama on Keystone.” – National Journal Hotline, 1/19/12
TIM KAINE: I’m his friend. I’m his supporter. I think he’s doing a good job.
SUPER: “Pipeline politics: Misguided Obama blocks Keystone pipeline – Obama’s decision will cost the U.S. jobs” – Chicago Tribune, 1/19/12
SUPER: “Obama’s Keystone pipeline rejection is hard to accept” – Washington Post, 1/18/12
SUPER: “Obama’s Keystone pipeline nix worries small business” –, 1/19/12
SUPER: “Editorial: Obama’s pipeline decision delays energy security” – USA Today, 1/18/12
TIM KAINE: I’m an unabashed supporter of the president.
SUPER: Tim Kaine. President Obama’s Senator. Not Virginia’s.

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