Friday, January 27, 2012

Virginia General Assembly - #3605 -(1) Rob Bell: Eminent Domain: House Resolution #3, Support Private Property Rights (2) HB 947 - Home School Sports - 'TEBOW' Bill


Rob Bell:  Eminent Domain: House Resolution #3 -  On Monday morning at 8:00 a.m., the Constitutional Amendments Subcommittee will conduct a hearing on my House Joint Resolution 3.  This is the Resolution for the Constitutional Amendment to rein in abusive eminent domain and to place property rights protections in the Virginia Constitution. Specifically, the Amendment would require that any taking of property be for public use, that the state take no more property than necessary for the use, and that the landowner be fully compensated for this taking. If it passes the legislature, the Amendment will come before the voters in a referendum this fall. Many local governments are opposed to this Amendment, and we expect them to show up at the subcommittee. To help balance their arguments, we need as many property rights advocates as can come. The subcommittee will be taking comment from the public, and even if you don’t want to speak, you can raise your hand at the appropriate time to show your support.  The subcommittee will meet at 8:00 a.m. in 4th Floor West Conference Room in the General Assembly Building. You can get directions to the capitol and information on parking here.  If you haven’t done so yet, you can also contact your legislator here.  If the measure is defeated in subcommittee, then it will be defeated and will not come before the voters. If we are successful, we will then move on to full committee. After several years of effort, we are finally within sight of victory! I hope you will be able to help us establish these crucial property rights protections in the Virginia Constitution.  PS: If you haven’t signed my Virginia Property Rights Petition, I hope you will take a moment to do so at: Click here to sign it.  Forward to a Friend - Tell others to sign up for updates from Delegate Rob Bell at: -
*PLEASE CALL TODAY, VOTE IS MONDAY MORNING;  25th House District - Steve Landes - 804-698-1025, 57th House District- David Toscano - 804-698-1057.

Home School Bill - 'Tebow Bill' HB 947 - Thursday morning in a crowded General Assembly room a House Education subcommittee advanced a measure that would provide opportunity for home school students in Virginia to participate in public school sports programs on a vote of 6-2. The bill will now go to the full Education Committee. Please urge your Delegate, a member of the Education committee, to support HB 947!! This proposal has passed a similar subcommittee in past years only to be defeated in the full Committee, so the battle for this common sense proposal isn’t over. The full Education committee will meet next on Monday morning. The legislation, patroned by Delegate Rob Bell (R-58, Charlottesville), would break down barriers that prevent home school students from playing public high school sports by prohibiting localities from joining the Virginia High School League, a pseudo-state/private entity that regulates public school sports. Under the provisions of the measure, localities would not be able to contract with VHSL if they don’t allow home school students to participate. Half the states in the nation have some type of measure that provides opportunities to home school students to participate in public school sports.
Members of the Education Committee........ *They will be meeting Monday morning as well.   Direct Links to each Committee Member, Click on member in blue for contact information. In Virginia House District 25 - Delegate Steve Landes - (804) 698-1025, email:

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