Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TSA Airport Security Issues - #3597 - VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul: My Encounter with the TSA - Greta VanSusteren - Fox News (2) Glenn Beck: Rand Paul Reveals TSA Theory to Beck: Scanners Go Off to Justify 'Random' Patdowns - GBTV

Senator Rand Paul: My Encounter with the TSA - Greta VanSusteren, Fox News - Was the Kentucky senator detained by the TSA or was it a big misunderstanding? How this could help all of us.

Glenn Beck - Rand Paul Reveals TSA Theory to Beck:   Scanners go off to Justify 'Random' Patdowns - By now you’ve probably heard about the “standoff” that happened yesterday between Rand Paul and TSA in Nashville. But what you probably have not heard is Paul’s theory as to why it started in the first place. According to him, the TSA has programmed its scanners to randomly select people for patdowns, and they do this by having the scanners go off when there’s nothing that would legitimately set them off.  That’s what Paul told Glenn Beck on Tuesday during a radio interview. The Kentucky senator joined Beck to give his side of the story and, according to him, he’s been told by two individuals that the scanners are selecting passengers without cause.  He also gave a detailed account of what happened on Monday, including his conversation with TSA management. Listen to it all below (we’ll insert higher-quality video when it becomes available): In the end, Paul called on airline passengers to refuse secondary patdowns if the scanner goes off and there’s no indication as to why. Instead, he encouraged travelers to request to go through the scanner again in hopes that the acts will send a message to TSA. Read more.......

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