Monday, January 16, 2012

Tim Tebow - #3574 -VIDEO: Millions Hear John 3:16 During Prime Time Football Game - Citizen Link - Focus on the Family (2) Season Ends, but Tebow Inspired Fans On and Off the Field - Baptist Press

I realize I posted this video already, but some may have missed it, and thought the companying article detailing the behind the scenes of how it was made, this video deserved to be shown again, now has been viewed 299,101 times, last night when I posted it, 300 views.

John 3:16 - "For God so Love the World, He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should  not perish but have eternal life."  When Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers by throwing for 316 yards in overtime to advance in the AFC Divisional playoffs on Jan. 8, it drove more than 94 million people to the Internet to find out what John 3:16 — one of Tebow’s favorite verses — actually says.  So this weekend, Focus on the Family decided to simply tell them.  For Saturday’s playoff game against the New England Patriots, the ministry conceived, shot, edited and delivered a 30-second ad showing children reciting the verse — a process which, ironically, took approximately 3.16 days from start to finish.  “It was a pretty tight deadline,” Focus President Jim Daly said with a chuckle, “but to be fair, we were working with a great, inspired script.”  As with so many things directly (and indirectly) related to Tebow, the commercial defied all odds before some 40 million people saw it this weekend.

First, there was the impossible time frame. At 10:05 p.m. on Jan. 9, Gary Schneeberger, the ministry’s vice president of communications, e-mailed Chief Development Officer Ken Windebank a USA Today story about Tebow that mentioned the pro-life commercial he and his mom, Pam, shot for Focus that aired during the 2010 Super Bowl. At 8:05 a.m. the next morning, Windebank responded, saying, “Do we place an ad in the Broncos/New England game?”  From there, an entire creative team was off and running — almost simultaneously finding out that an ad spot actually was available, then securing funding, rounding up a cast of local children, getting approval from a television network (which had rejected a John 3:16 ad from another ministry for last year’s Super Bowl), and editing the footage before a member of the films department took a red-eye flight from Denver to New York to hand-deliver the DVD to a CBS network executive Friday morning — just 10 minutes before the deadline.  “We’ve got some talented and passionate people working at Focus on the Family, but we know we’re just not *that* good,” Daly said. “God was in this from the beginning.”  When the ad aired a few minutes into the second quarter, the Internet exploded.

Within minutes, as the YouTube video began going viral, both John 3:16 and Focus on the Family were trending worldwide as the top Internet search terms. By Monday morning, more than 5,600 people had opened a blog by Esther Fleece, Daly’s assistant for millennial relations, about Tebow (see “Tim Tebow’s Good News”), and the left-leaning group had started a petition drive for people to force CBS to apologize for running the ad — a sort of backhanded compliment. Twelve hours later, “Focus on the Family” was the fifth most-searched-for term on Google, and “John 3:16” was fourteenth.  But the most important outcome was measured by feedback the ministry received shortly after the ad aired.  “Both my sons just saw your commercial and gave their lives to Christ as a result,” one man wrote on Twitter. “Thank you. #John316.”  Similarly, another woman said:  “Thanks for running the John 3:16 ad during the Broncos/Patriots game. My husband is not a believer, but he was so taken by those precious kids that he became emotional watching it. Thanks for reaching out in such a warm, compassionate way.”  The Bible says in Isaiah that God’s Word does not come back void,” Daly said. “That was our prayer going into this effort — to spotlight the Word of the Lord to bring people to the Lord. What a blessing to know that goal was accomplished.”

Season Ends, but Tebow Inspired Fans On and Off the Field - Baptist Press - Tim Tebow's riveting and tumultuous season ended Jan. 14, with the New England Patriots hammering the Denver Broncos 45-10 in an AFC divisional playoff game.  "A lot of ups and downs," Tebow said about his second NFL season after the loss in Foxborough, Mass. "Overall, it's been a very special opportunity for me, something I'm really thankful for. There's a lot of things we're proud of. Obviously, it's hard to see them all right now," Tebow was quoted as saying.  Still, Tebow's performance over the course of the season earned him the right to be the starting quarterback entering the 2012 season, Denver vice president of football operations John El way said Monday (Jan. 16).  Read more.........


  1. This is great!!! John 3:16 and Christianity are in the national discussion right now. Tim Tebow gets the ball rolling, then Focus on Family uses a national pulpit to air a John 3:16 commercial during the big game...and now the "John 3:16" song by Cindy Tucker is becoming a up trender on YouTube and share sites. What's next biblical trading cards???

    John 3:16 is in the spotlight where it belongs.

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