Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tim Tebow - #3552 - VIDEO: Tebow Stuns Steelers - ESPN Interview (2) Broncos, Tim Tebow Stuns Steelers in Overtime Win 29-23 in NFL Playoffs - Denver Post (3) Link to Tebow NFL Press Conference

Tebow Stuns Steelers - Interview on ESPN - Tim Tebow discusses his overtime touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas and the Broncos' victory over the Steelers.  AW: Watch who Tim Tebow gives the credit to in this video for the Broncos victory.

Broncos, Tin Tebow Stuns Steelers in Overtime win 29-23 in NFL Playoffs - Denver Post - Don't feel bad, Tebow bashers.  The Tim Tebow bandwagon does not discriminate.  Degrade him. Blister him with insults. Shout defiantly that the kid can't play NFL quarterback. And then slump those shoulders, Merrill Hoge, Bill Maher, Jermichael Finley, Joe Flacco, Steve Smith, and climb on back.  Tebow did it again.  Just as it appeared all was lost, as it seemed the Broncos would blow a 14-point halftime lead, Tebow delivered.  The lefty winged a game-winning, 80-yard touchdown pass to the remarkably gifted Demaryius   Thomas on the first play of overtime to give the Broncos a stunning, 29-23 AFC playoff win against the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers.  TebowMania is once again fully inflated.  Heads up, Josh McDaniels, the new assistant coach of the New England Patriots. Here comes the Broncos and the two guys you once drafted in the first round.   Read more........  AW:  Obviously, I am a big fan, what an incredible witness.  Link to Tim Tebow's NFL Press Conference after the game........

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