Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop Online Piracy Act - SOPA - #3579 -Marco Rubio: On 2nd Thought SOPA/PIPA's a Bad Idea - Hot Air (2) This is Why Marco Rubio is a Hero on the Right - Redstate

The SOPA/PIPA Internet blackout has delivered a message to at least one elected official in Washington, DC. Tea Party favorite Senator Marco Rubio announced a few minutes ago on his Facebook page that he has abandoned his support for the Senate PIPA bill and will ask Harry Reid to withdraw it. And considering that Rubio co-sponsored the PIPA bill, this is fairly significant news:  Rubio:  In recent weeks, we’ve heard from many Floridians about the anti-Internet piracy bills making their way through Congress. On the Senate side, I have been a co-sponsor of the PROTECT IP Act because I believe it’s important to protect American ingenuity, ideas and jobs from being stolen through Internet piracy, much of it occurring overseas through rogue websites in China. As a senator from Florida, a state with a large presence of artists, creators and businesses connected to the creation of intellectual property, I have a strong interest in stopping online piracy that costs Florida jobs. .............No one disputes the need to protect and defend copyrights. Most of the websites participating in this protest have an interest in battling piracy. The need to protect copyrights, however, does not outweigh the need for checks on prosecutorial power and due process for the accused. Rubio has belatedly gotten it right — Reid needs to pull back PIPA, the House needs to scratch SOPA, and both need to start over again in those efforts.  Read more........

This is why Marco Rubio is a Hero on the Right - Redstate - This morning I noted that we should primary Senators and Representatives on the left and right who refuse to back away from SOPA and Protect IP.  Included in the list, unfortunately, was Senator Marco Rubio. I would hate, hate, haaattttteeeee to primary such a great guy. We spent a lot of time, energy, effort, and money getting him elected. But SOPA/Protect IP is that bad.  Now, I’ve made clear that we wouldn’t do this unless the left was on board too and I’ve only really heard crickets from them. But it was a threat so many of us felt needed to be made to emphasize just how bad this legislation is.  Today, about 40 minutes ago, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida showed again why he is a real leader and listener within the conservative movement. He is dropping his co-sponsorship of Protect IP.  I hope other Republicans in the Senate follow his leadership on this issue. and please call Senator Rubio’s office and thank him for his leadership. His number is (202) 224-3041. We often fight. We should also often say thanks.

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