Thursday, January 26, 2012

Religious Freedom - #3602 - Christians Carry a 12' Cross for Miles to Protest Atheists' Lawsuit Over Tennessee Water Tower Cross - The Blaze

It was a classic, run-of-the-mill church versus state tale. Christians posted a cross on a Whiteville, Tennessee, town water tower. Atheists saw the cross and threatened the town with legal action. Then, the town’s mayor, refusing to take it down but unable to afford a costly legal battle, chopped off one of its arms, no longer making it a symbol of faith........On Saturday, around 50 churches joined together to march through the streets of Hardeman County, Tennessee, where they carried a 12-foot cross nine miles in protest against the FFRF lawsuit. The giant religious symbol was made of cardboard and weighed 40 pounds. Jimmy Sain, a resident of nearby Bolivar, came up with the idea as a way to support the mayor and the cross. This is one way I thought we could show our appreciation for the mayor having the courage he’s had,” Sain said. ”We believe what we believe and other people can believe what they believe, but we’re standing up for our Christ and His cross.” Nancy Hammons, a resident who participated in the march, reiterated this sentiment, saying, “We’re showing our love for Him by carrying the cross to Whiteville and presenting it to a city that is under persecution right now.”  Read more.......

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