Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Occupy Woodbrook Elementary - Kid Pan Alley #3560 - AUDIO: We're So Sorry, Uncle Kolesar: Indoctrinated Woodbrook Third Graders Sing "Part of the 99"; Kid Pan Alley Issues Apology - Schilling Show (2) Kid Pan Alley Encouraging Students to 'Compose' Left Wing Protest Left Protest Songs - Big Government

Initially, after becoming embroiled in a national school-indoctrination scandal, KPA along with Albemarle County School Administration insisted that the children in Ms. Murray’s third-grade classroom at Woodbrook Elementary wrote all of the lyrics to the controversial song themselves. Phrases like, “Then the bubble burst” and “Though I lost my yacht and plane” raised suspicions that such lines likely were beyond the intellectual purview of contemporary eight-year-olds enrolled in a government school. Still, in a January 3 Daily Progress story on the controversy, the group’s Executive Director, Pat Rogers said that KPA’s “sole mission has been and continues to be to inspire and empower children to work together to become creators of their own music.” [emphasis added] Rogers also denied any political influence of children by KPA facilitators: “Kid Pan Alley does not promote nor condone any personal or political agenda.”........ Today’s KPA press release tells a different story. In the dispatch, KPA’s Founder and Artistic Director, Paul Reisler, “takes full responsibility for the songwriting process that resulted in the song titled ‘Part of the 99.’ The release confirms Reisler’s political and lyrical contributions to the song: “Reisler acknowledges that he should have avoided the introduction of these phrases into the songwriting process.” [emphasis added] And, KPA’s claim to be a politically unbiased organization has been debunked by, who detail the left leaning politics of several “Alley” board members and leaders.  Read more, listen to song and read the lyrics.......

Kid Pan Alley Encouraging Students to 'Compose' Left Wing Protest Songs - Big Government - If you want to mesmerize small children and make them believe everything you’re saying, just grab a guitar and deliver your philosophy in the form of music.  Soft sounds and attractive rhymes ring true with kids, regardless of the content or message. And with musicians being so glorified by popular culture, kids have a tendency to believe that if it comes in a song, the message must be profound and correct. What a brilliant strategy for left-wing educators across the nation who have openly declared their intent to convert public school students into young liberals.  The indoctrination-through-music effort comes courtesy of a Washington, Virginia-based non-profit called “Kid Pan Alley.”  Musicians who belong to the group visit elementary schools for a reported $1,200 per day, supposedly helping children learn to write their own musical lyrics. The fee comes from school budgets, of course, and schools are encouraged to seek government grants to cover the cost.  When the “workshop” is finished, they help the kids perform “their” songs for classmates in school assemblies.  The lyrics these kids come up with are amazingly adult in their political content, and startlingly liberal for very small children who generally have little coherent understanding of politics at all. Read more........

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