Thursday, January 5, 2012

Occupy Woodbrook Elementary - #3545 - Virginia School Accused of Making Students Perform Pro-Occupy Song - CBS Washington

This article appeared on Drudge Report Wednesday afternoon:
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS Washington) – A Charlottesville-area elementary school has been accused of making students sing a pro-Occupy Wall Street movement song. Written and performed in October as part of the Kid Pan Alley group at Albemarle County schools, “Part of the 99” has resulted in a backlash from parents nationwide, and has given the foundation reason to train its facilitators to steer students away from controversial subject matter in their songs. As part of the regular Kid Pan Alley activities, children are asked about the topics of songs they want to write and sing about. In October, one of the children participating in the activities at Woodbrook Elementary School mentioned that he wanted to write about “having it all and losing it all,”Albemarle County schools spokesman Phil Giaramita told CBS Washington. Read more....... For further information as to where funding is coming for this group, Greve Foundation, John Kiser, III, Sperryville, Va. .........

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