Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Occupy Movement in Public Schools - #3540 - VIDEO: Albemarle County, Va. School District Defends Shocking Occupy Themed Song Performed by 3rd Graders: 'I'm So Happy to be Part of the 99%' - The Blaze

If anyone has had a child in the Albemarle Co. Schools in the last 30 years, they certainly won't be shocked at what has happened at Woodbrook School, could have happened at any Albemarle Co. school.

Albemarle Co., Va., School District Defends Shocking 'Occupy Themed' Song Performed by 3rd Graders: 'I'm so Happy to be Part of the 99% - The Blaze - The ever-vigilant crew at WeaselZippers has uncovered a jaw-dropping incident at Woodbrook Elementary School in Virginia in which third-grade students performed (and school officials claim wrote) a song titled, “Part of the 99” as part of a “Kid Pan Alley” performance in October. But despite the backlash, Albermale County school district is standing behind the song, claiming the children chose and wrote the lyrics themselves. The lyrics, which mirror the very same sentiments and slogans espoused by the Occupy movement, have critics up in arms. The highly politicized song, which many believe is intended to indoctrinate children, follows below: Local CBS 19 reports:

Conservative blogs are buzzing, discussing what they call “an indoctrinating sing-along” with an Occupy Message. In one blog, Weasel Zippers, writes “to have third graders sing about class warfare and rail against the one percent is evil and a violation of the trust parents put in them [schools].”  “Just as I wouldn’t promote a Tea Party song in a third grade class, I think the same is true for any song of political ideology.” says Jefferson Area Tea Party Chair, Carole Thorpe.  Kid Pan Alley is an organization that helps kids write and perform their own songs. Their mission is to inspire kids to be creators.  Students write the songs and school officials are standing by the lyrics.  “They don’t censor what the kids write. They don’t shape what the kids write. It all comes out of the kids own mouths and the kids own words,” claims Albemarle County School Board Chair, Steve Koleszar.  Read more, see lyrics to song they wrote..........  AW:  As a parent who was constantly at the Albemarle Co. schools and School Board, complaining of one indoctrination after another when our children were in the schools, I can attest what these kids probably heard day after day from their teachers when the 'Occupy Movement' was constantly in the news in the fall.  To say they don't censor what the kids write, is a joke, this song reflects what they were hearing, just let them try to write a religious song and see how fast it would be censored.  Steve Kolezar, although technically listed as an Independent to run on the School Board, was endorsed by the Democratic Party, surely an unbiased voice to be quoted.  When our children were in Middle School, they began their study of World War II, not with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but with the a movie 'Hiroshima', depicting the atomic bomb's impact on Japan, very unbiased!

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