Sunday, January 15, 2012

National Sex Education Standards - #3571 - NEA, Liberal Groups Release National Sex Education Standards - Citizen Link (2) New National Sex Ed Standards Stir Controversy - Baptist Press

Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  That’s the grade at which the National Education Association (NEA), the Future of Sex Education Initiative and a coalition of sex-ed groups want children to start learning the names of body parts and alternative family structures.  The recommendations are outlined in the National Sexuality Education Standards released on Monday to school districts nationwide. Although they are non-binding, having the weight of the NEA behind the recommendations could give them the gravitas needed to quickly — and quietly — be implemented around the country.  CitizenLink Education Analyst Candi Cushman says it’s important for parents to understand that this is a public relations effort for activist groups and private associations. “This is not a government mandate,” Cushman said. “Schools are under no obligation to carry out these so-called standards.  “The unfortunate reality is that these guidelines could still be used by some schools and liberal education officials as leverage to undermine parental rights and expose children to controversial sexual teaching against their parents’ will,” Cushman said. “We’ve seen this happening in other states. Yet oftentimes, these efforts were blocked when parents spoke out.”  Read more.......

New National Sex Ed Standards Stir Controversy - Baptist Press - Four leading education organizations have released national sex-ed standards that encourage fifth-graders to be taught about sexual orientation and eighth-graders to learn about gender identity and the morning-after pill, but many say the recommendations infringe on parental rights.  The non-binding standards by the National Education Association and three other groups are billed as the "first-ever national standards" for sex-ed in schools, and they provide detailed suggestions for what students should learn by the second, fifth, eighth and 12th grades. From a social conservative's standpoint, nearly every page of the recommendations has something controversial. By the second grade, students are to learn the "proper names for body parts, including male and female anatomy." By the fifth grade, they should learn that sexual orientation is the "romantic attraction of an individual to someone of the same gender or a different gender." By the end of the eighth grade, students should be able to "differentiate between gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation" and learn about the morning-after pill, which can cause abortions. They also should know how to use a condom, the standards say. Gender identity is a term that refers to men and women who, in essence, believe they were born the wrong sex. Both gender identity and gender expression encompass cross-dressers and transgendereds.  Read more.........

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