Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ICLEI, UN Agenda 21 - Private Property Rights - #3558 - Two More Communities Vote Out of ICLEI - Tom DeWeese Reports - Virginia Right (2) Important Event to Protect our Rights - Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center

Tom DeWeese, the William Wallace of the anti-Agenda 21 fight, reports two more communities OUT OF ICLEI!  More communities drop out of ICLEI  The most recent communities to say no to membership in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) are Monmouth County, New Jersey and Somerset County, New Jersey. Activists in the Garden State are doing a great job getting the message out.  County Commissioner Richard Rothschild reports that he believes we have achieved about 54 cities that have pulled out of ICLEI since the beginning of the year. And that only 17 cities have joined ICLEI in that same time – giving us a net reduction of 37! (Blogger’s note: I came up with a similar number!)  Commissioner Rothschild and I aren’t sure we have all of the cities on our list. Here are the communities that we know have dropped out. If any of you know of more, please let us know:  Carroll County, Maryland; Amador County, California; Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; Edmond, Oklahoma;Las Cruces, NM;Spartanburg, SC;Albemarle County, Virginia; Plantation, Florida;James City County, Virginia; Lexington, VA; Carver, MA; Pinellas County, FL; Garland, TX; Sarasota County, FL; Abington, VA, and Clallam County, WA.  Let’s help Commissioner Rothschild out: If any of my readers know of any other cities that have obeyed the Constitution and renounced ICLEI, let me know and we’ll place them on the Wall Of Honor!  Contact Virginia Right web site.......

Important Event to Protect our Rights - American Policy Center - Tom DeWeese - Dear Friends of Liberty,  My friend Sheriff Richard Mack has been traveling the nation teaching country sheriffs that they are the most important and powerful elected officials in the nation. Sheriffs have the power to keep federal government agents at bay and protect the rights of citizens in their county. Too many sheriffs fail to understand their Constitutional duties.  So, on January 30th and 31, 2012, Sheriff Mack and his organization, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), will host the Constitutional Sheriffs Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click on this link for all the details....  .http://www.countysheriffproject.org/CSPOA_Invitation_Dec29.2011.pdf  I will be there on the program to teach the sheriffs about Agenda 21 and how they can stand up to federal regulators like the EPA to protect property rights. I believe this event is so important that I am traveling there at my own expense and intend to spend as much time as I possibly can with these officers who are on the front lines in the defense of liberty....... Sheriff Mack has raised abut half the money he needs to make this goal a reality. He needs your help to raise the rest so that every sheriff who wants to attend can be there. I urge you to go to Sheriff Mack’s website www.countysheriffproject.org and make a donation to assure there will be enough money to pack the conference with sheriffs from every corner of the nation.  And, if you can, join Sheriff Mack and me at the conference. All the info is in the link I’ve provided. I hope to see you in Las Vegas at the end of this month.  Tom DeWeese

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