Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fourth Amendment Rights - #3601 - DNS Looks for Feedback on Potentially Massive Surveillance Project on U.S. Soil - The Blaze (2) Red Spotlights to Mark 'Precrime' Suspects - Infowars

Very interesting, considering the Defense Authorization Act, that Obama just signed into law, now allows for U.S. citizens to be indefinitely detained, a new provision.
According to Wired, the Department of Homeland Security is looking into employing technology used in war zones for near-constant surveillance on American soil. Wired explained that DHS is seeking industry feedback on what involves Wide Area Surveillance System, which can monitor four square miles for unprecedented lengths of time: The Department of Homeland Security says it’s interested in a system that can see between five to 10 square kilometers — that’s between two and four square miles, roughly the size of Brooklyn, New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood — in its “persistent mode.” By “persistent,” it means the cameras should stare at the area in question for an unspecified number of hours to collect what the military likes to call “pattern of life” data — that is, what “normal” activity looks like for a given area. ........... Wired points out that citizens from Iraq and Afghanistan, where such technology has been used, weren’t protected under the Fourth Amendment rights, like those held by citizens of the United States. On a similar note, last month, The Blaze reported that although military drones have held a strong presence abroad, a new study revealed that they were being used more and more by local law enforcement in the U.S. Also related to increased drone use by local authorities, CBS 2 in New York reported that drones are being discussed to keep tabs on the Big Apple as well:  Read more.......

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Red Spotlights to Mark 'Precrime' Suspects - - In a glowing review of the rising prevalence of high-tech big brother surveillance gadgets in police force use, the Associated Press reports that East Orange, New Jersey plans to cut crime by highlighting suspects with a red-beamed spotlight– before any crime is committed– a “pre-crime” deterrent to be mounted on nearby street lights or other fixtures.  According to the report, police officers monitor hundreds of video feeds from across the city and opt to brand would-be criminals with a red glow if they believe they are about to engage in a crime, such as a street corner mugging.  Whereas London has talking cameras, we’re about to deploy light projecting cameras, better known as light-based intervention systems.” said William Robinson, Police Chief for East Orange. He added, “The message to criminals is, we’re observing you, the police are recording you, and the police are responding.”  Read more........

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