Thursday, January 19, 2012

Barack Obama - Keystone XL Pipeline - #3581 - Rush Limbaugh: Election Year Politics: Obama Rejects Keystone, Floats Phony "Budget Cuts"

Fox News is reporting that the Obama administration is going to say "no" to the Keystone pipeline. The State Department is gonna say "no." They're gonna allow the Canadians to reapply with a new route that will not upset the precious habitat of Nebraska. Now, the prime minister of Canada said yesterday, I'm paraphrasing, "You Americans are absolutely nuts. If you want to treat your whole country like an off-limits National Park you go right ahead, but you can't make us treat our country that way. And if we have to we'll run a pipeline to the ChiComs. We're gonna move this oil." So here we have election-year politics. Barack Obama has signaled to his base that there's gonna be some budget cuts coming that they won't like. 'Cause he's gonna submit a budget and it's gonna contain ostensibly cuts in it that his base won't like. Of course there won't be any cuts in an Obama budget that is presented.  RUSH: Don't worry. I have all of this under control. 'Cause if I don't, nobody else does, or will. And I've always told you when it would be time to panic, and it's not time to panic yet. Nowhere near it. While all this stuff's going on in the Republican side, ABC/Washington Post has a poll, the American people's confidence on the economy is still falling. I don't care how often Obama tries to blame that on Bush, it isn't gonna fly. There is nothing Obama can run on in the last three years that he can say, "Give me another four years to do more of this." There's nothing he can cite. There's not one thing that has happened in these past three years that Obama can run on.  Read more..........

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